Wall art trends 2022 - all you need to know about

Wall art trends 2022 - all you need to know about

Wall art trends 2022 is a phrase when clients have an idea for their room. You don’t know how to choose a wall painting that fits your style with good quality, beautiful design at an affordable price? Because there are many different models and types of wall decor on the market.

Worry no more! Aeticon will share about some popular wall art trends for 2022 which accommodate all clients from minimalist lovers to maximalist color optimists.  

Arts are a way of expressing the deep thinking and artistic feelings of the artist through visual materials and colors. An impressive wall decor prints is one of the highlights in your home, which can transform the space of your home. It not only meets the aesthetic factor but also brings a lot of luck and fortune. That's why arts wall decor is becoming home decor trends.

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 Large canvas wall arts make the room more delicate and luxurious

Large canvas wall arts trends 2022

For some subjects, large canvas wall arts often have more dramatic appeal than other sizes. Most people choose the size of large-format wall paintings for the living room space in the family. Because the living room is the first place to enter the house, the place to welcome friends, relatives, and precious guests to visit the house.

Choosing a work to decorate in the most important place in the house requires you to have a reasonable choice to bring the best value. Large-format murals have many outstanding features, have unique aesthetic value and contribute to the decoration idea.

They are known to be the perfect choice of any design style and create impressive accents for large areas. Not too fussy, not too colorful, big canvas prints still are in wall art trends 2022 and receive widespread favor.

Simple portraits painting but the whole sky art

portraits wall art trends 2022

Portrait wall art is a crucial and popular genre in painting all over the world. Under the pen of talented artists, portrait canvas has become an art icon and many artists have been extremely successful with this genre.

The world's most famous portrait of all time with the top searches cannot fail to mention: Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, The Scream by Edvard Munch, etc. This is a type of wall art that can be displayed in a living room, bedroom, or other room.

This style of arts wall decor not only serves to decorate your room but also makes the spectator feel more at ease and pleasant each time they enter.  

Moreover, Black and White painting is one of the most popular wall art trends 2022 that have always had a certain timeless appeal. The two colors seem to be neutral, but they attract viewers to focus on the content of the image without getting too far into the array of colors. They are sophisticated and bold, yet simple enough to complement various color palettes and look fantastic in a variety of home designs and styles.

Quirky/ Surreal Canvas Art Prints - wall art trends 2022 create a highlight in modern interior decoration

Surreal Canvas Art Prints wall art trends 2022

Surrealism explores abstract concepts and symbolism to turn everyday objects into mind-bending images. This genre allows us to observe the world from a different perspective. Surrealist paintings recreate a mysterious and unique virtual world between real life, evoking mystery and stimulating viewers' curiosity.

If you enjoy elements of fantasy, mystery, and surrealism, this collection of artworks is a suitable choice to decorate your home. Surreal art prints create accents for your space, arouse curiosity, stimulate the ability to think and feel. When selecting wall art work, you should consider the size and color to meet the interior space and area of your room. 

Animal Prints help you decorate your home space more vividly

Animal wall art trends 2022

Prints of Animals are usually bright colors. It is suitable for children's rooms and animal lovers. Animal wall paintings with images of beautiful and comical animals will offer vibrant beauty, new colors, and a sense of life to your home.

The delicate details of the picture stimulate children's curiosity and interest, creating a separate space for children to develop in the natural way at the first stage of life. Thanks to the above advantages, they are quickly becoming wall art trends 2022 for modern houses and apartments that have kids.

Inspirational quotes - a wall art trends 2022 motivates you each day

Inspirational quotes wall art trends 2022

Are you ready to update your wall art trends 2022 to something that will brighten up your living area, show off your distinct individuality, or coordinate with your other inspirational art? If so, consider adding quotes to your wall art collection.

Let’s immerse yourself in words of wisdom and uplifting messages by adding wall print with inspirational quotes and sayings to your home. 

Powerful words have the ability to uplift, motivate, and inspire us to do things we wouldn't typically do. One of the most attractive aspects of home decor is that it can be used to express who you are. With an inspirational wall quote, people will likely see that you are a positive, optimistic person.

In addition, office motivational slogans are wall art trends 2022 of companies. Inspirational quotes remind employees to work more actively, increasing employee productivity. Encourage the entrepreneurial spirit to work enthusiastically in the startup offices. Slogan paintings create a comfortable space, fill up the boring blank walls and make the space more unique and attractive.

Unique decoration ideas from Multi Piece Framed

Multi Piece Framed wall art trends 2022

Framed wall art is a collection of many wall picture frames of different sizes and designs but the same unified design point.  A good idea is to use them to create a gallery wall that feels full of life and reflects your personality. They combine together to create a harmonious overall set in multiple piece of designs and used to display photos, interior decoration.

Wall murals range from simple to complex, randomly combined or block into shapes (hearts, diamonds, triangles) suitable for modern spaces. You can arbitrarily decorate your room in this wall art trend that only you have.

Modern Wall Art helps to breathe new life into the living space

Modern Wall Art wall art trends 2022

Wall decor artwork - a home decoration style, keeps pace with the development of society while always keeping the quintessence of the genre.

Modern wall art is a way of saying home decorator art with modern themes. With this style of decoration, people keep what they need and leave out the complexity and superfluous. They are frequently styled using cutting-edge technologies.

Modern wall decor focuses on simplicity, bold colors, movement and other elements. Paintings art always "points" in the eyes of people by designing simple but eye-catching, modern designs.

The content of modern series paintings often revolves around bold contemporary images such as nature and simple and familiar things in daily life. Depending on the production material and the preferences of each person, each painting has a different price.

Aeticon has the latest in art and design, with many different styles of wall art trends in 2022 and always great quality at great prices. We know just how much atmosphere decorator art can add to a home.


Our range also includes stylish frames and other wall decor trends of high quality at great prices to help you create a complete look. We always listen and resolve all complaints from customers and choose a style suitable for the available space.

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